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Claims Process

Step 1: Initial Inspection of damaged properties and personal belongings, along with an in-depth review of your policy. Our Hillis representative does an initial inspection without the insurance company to prepare our internal estimate, followed by an assessment at a later date at which a Hillis adjuster presents your loss in detail to the insurance company adjuster.

Step 2: Mitigation/Remediation, if applicable. Recommendation for qualified emergency services, if needed, in all areas: water/mold mitigation, fire/smoke board up, and all temporary plumbing, roofing, siding repair needs. We work to ensure housing for you and your family, if need be, in the form of hotel stays and even kennel appointments for pets. As a policyholder, you are responsible for preventing further damages to your property; thus, mitigation/remediation is NECESSARY for your claim to not be denied or substantially reduced.

Step 3: Report Loss to Insurance Carrier. Once we notify your carrier of the loss, an insurance representative contacts our office, usually within 7 business days, to schedule an appointment to see your property. Please note: Once your insurance carrier is notified that Hillis is processing your claim, they should no longer contact you directly. Relay all calls and correspondences directly to our office so we can ensure proper information is provided. Insurance companies will you anything you say against you in your claim's settlement!

Step 4: Appointment with Insurance Adjuster and Hillis Adjuster. As noted in step 1, we schedule a date and time to inspect your loss with our Hillis adjuster and the assigned insurance adjuster. Please note: We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule and the assigned insurance adjuster's busy schedule. You do not have to be at the loss site for your convenience so long as we have access to the damaged property. Canceling an appointment will cause a delay in the process of your claim.

Step 5: Evaluation of Estimate and Request for Undisputed Amount Payment. This is your insurance carrier's initial offer for settlement and is by far the most time-consuming step. Depending on the degree and scope of your loss, the insurance carrier, and the insurance adjuster, the initial estimate can often take several weeks to obtain. Please note: Hillis will work on a best efforts basis to get the estimate through continuous contact with the insurance adjuster, and all the progress updates will immediately flow to you, our client. Once we receive an offer, we ask for the "undisputed amount," the amount offered, to be released. We want to provide you partial payment as soon as possible: Releasing the undisputed amount does not mean that your claim is settled.

Step 6: Review of the Supplemental Differences with the Insurance Company Adjuster. After receiving the initial estimate, we will begin a highly detailed review and discuss any and all supplementary differences with the insurance adjuster. You will be contacted throughout the negotiation with detailed figures on your loss. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this tedious step of your claim.

Step 7: Request to Release Funds from Insurance Company. Only when we have satisfied you with an agreed-upon amount we will send the insurance company a "proof of loss" statement, which will release all funds in question. This draft will be issued in your name, Hillis Adjustments' name, and your mortgage company's name, if applicable. Please note: When a mortgage company is listed as a payee on a settlement check, it takes additional time, around 10 business days, to have the check endorsed. Once we receive the check, we will issue a Hillis check with our fees deducted, which takes approximately 10 business days.

Step 8: Negotiation to Recover Holdback. Your insurance company wants to ensure that you will be repairing your loss damages, which is why they "hold back" funds until you complete the repairs. We will continue to negotiate to recover any depreciation possible. This process may involve sending your carrier photos, proof of payment, or receipts documenting completed repairs for the covered damages.

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